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Businesses in this digital world rely heavily upon the first impressions portrayed through their website and digital content but so many great companies dont make the effort to ensure their first impression is excellent.  Why not?  Because making a great impression requires knowledge and experience in an area which they are not specialised in and why would they?  A doctor is not taught to produce video build websites or strategically manage social media channels!  Don’t wing it, your digital first impression really matters and at Lawrence & Brown we love making yours unforgetable.

Website Design & Build

Website audit, content creation, design and build, migration and testing, web project management, e-commerce and CRM integration

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Video production

Video is crucial when visually showcasing your product, service or business in world of social networking and screen-centric lives and workplaces. In just a few seconds, a great video engages and targets the eyes, ears and emotional interest of a potential client. Publish your videos across multiple social and digital channels and the right video for your brand will drive up ROI and save on per channel marketing and content costs.

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Photographs can transform a brands image and enhance the viewers sensual perception of the product or place. Working with creative and artistic photographers is the key to your viewers emotions. When your photos resonate with an audience, their business always follows. Lawrence & Brown carefully select photography partners for each individual project, our years of industry experience have created a diversified network of photography professionals, an eye for a tasteful parings and a long list of happy clients.

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Production company

Shoot production is a highly specialised skill which we have been practicing for over 20 years.  Seamless coordination and logistics are key to bringing together people with multiple and diverse skills and enabling these to fuse together on location and in post production.  Accurate budget management makes this reliable and affordable and guarantees you the best end result.

Social Media Optimisation

Running social channels requires time and consistency which most businesses struggle to achieve in-house.  We take over content generation, curation and posting leaving you free to run your business but maintaining a solid image which communicates your skills, successes and opinions.  Social interactions can lead to great business opportunities when managed effectively.

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We are devoted to small and medium sized businesses flexibly offering you a tailor made approach whereby you are free to do as little or as much as you like with us.

No long contracts, no commitment to us, simply pay for the work you need doing.

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