We are a small company and love providing a tailor made service.  We know that most small and medium sized businesses like to know what things are costing them upfront and to have the ability to only pay for services you actually need.
Whist we can offer tailor made packages, our general pricing is as follows:

Website Design & Development

Website design is difficult to charge without knowing your new site requirements but we provide fast quotes based on a discussion by phone or email.
We build mainly on WordPress but we tailor the coding to your specific site needs in order to improve upon the standard code and make your website a reliable workhorse.
Generally speaking our websites start at £2,500 and can range upwards of £10,000 depending on:
  • functionality
  • number of different page templates
  • design and branding
  • integration with other platforms
  • tailor made systems to manage your data

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Social Media Management

For social media management we can charge you by the:
  • hour £45
  • day  £290
  • project  (quotes on demand)
  • monthly management of your digital channels from  £190 per channel

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Video & Photoshoot Production

For video and photo shoot production (including pre and post production) we can charge you by the:

  • pre production day  £290
  • shoot days  £350 + expenses
  • post production day  £290
  • travel day  £290

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3D Virtual tours of your spaces:

We are based in Bristol / Bath so travel time is of course a factor here.
Assuming you are within an hour of Bath then we charge as follows:
  • £3 per m2 of indoor space.
  • Minimum charge is £150 (or 50 m2).
  • Discounts on large spaces over 1000 m2.
  • If the space is complicated then we may charge more.
  • Floorpans of your space (spaces of up to 2500 m2)  £0.30 per m2.
  • Publish to Google Street View (non-residential properties only)  £45 per model.

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