Video is one of the most powerful tools available to a businesses who want to grow.  People will watch video before they read text. In a world of short attention spans, video offers is the most direct way to educate people about what can do and how well you can do it.

Not only do they see what you do, how you do it and view the results for themselves in an entertaining and effortless minute or two.

By producing high quality videos, you demonstrate to your viewers the level of attention to detail which you apply to providing the best product or services to them.  A dull, poorly produced video will do your business harm whereas a brilliantly carved and edited video will make you shine.

Still photography still plays a very powerful role online and off.  The images we create last for years and when shot by true professionals, having taken the time to understand exactly what you want to demonstrate, will provide punch to any accompanying message. Lawrence & Brown has an established network of photographers used to compliment the requirements of any particular shoot, budget and global location.