Simplified Sales & Marketing specifically for Hotels & travel service providers.

Hotels today all have three goals in common:

  • Raise occupancy %.
  • Raise % of direct bookings.
  • Reduce commission paid to OTA’s.

OTA’s are likely to be filling a considerable % of your rooms which requires little marketing work on your behalf as long as your product is reputable.

The problem is you’re paying OTA’s up to 25% in commission. Direct bookings are certainly more profitable but to achieve more, this requires time, effort and expertise to grow your presence both online and with good tour operators.

We understand that as a small to medium sized boutique hotel owner / manager, you have enough on your plate managing your staff, clients, buildings, reputation and finances.

Your hotel may be successful and run at high occupancy but there are always low season periods which are not busy enough. This is lost money as the profits you make during high season are wasted on your fixed costs during quieter time of the year. Sales and marketing always gets put to the bottom of the list, right?

Solution: With our background in both successfully marketing our own boutique hotels and running a tour operation, we know the score! We’re equipped with the right tools and networks to do the marketing which we know you find hard to free-up time and budget for.


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